There is a Pink Treble Cleft Floating out there
It's For another hunt and it's Priced at 1L$
That is NOT Our hunt item......
Please be Aware of  what your looking for
You are looking for a Treble Cleft Bass note Heart For this hunt...... 

Only a Few more hours

The hunt begins 12 Midnight SLT 
Early Bird and first week hunters Please Be aware of some hiccups as "Normally" The first one or two days is always the days where everyone is getting their act together....
As I'm typing this out now I will soon be releasing the Hints....
Remember what your looking for is something like  this....

Everything is Coming together

Everything so far is coming together quite nicely~
Stay tuned for more information as I count the days down till we let the flood gates open :3


The deadline was feburary 18th and I will be no longer accepting any store applications...
With about 57 to 58 stores  (Because a Few dropped out last minute) We are excited to Get this thing All started out :D!
Stay tuned for further details

2 Spots Left & Prize Previews Are up


We only have 2 spots left for this hunt!!!
Now is the time if you are a store owner to hop over to the Application Page and read everything out And send it to Ari Cheng with proper Title and requirements
(Just so ya'll know I prize preview isn't really needed)

Also I Finally got around to setting everything up on the prize preview page.... 
It's not Set in a particular order however it's some of what our Stores have to offer :3

I'm fairly excited about this hunt 
And I know that you hunters out there will have a BLAST :D

3 Spots Left

only three more Spots left
remember you have until the 18th to get your applications to me....
However If we get full there will be no more excepting spots unless a store drops out

8 Spots LEFT

If your still interested in this hunt I have 8 or 7 spots left :D
I'm soooooooooo excited this hunt is going to be great